'Line of Kings' Eltham Stainless Steel Safety Razor


made in UK and plastic free

The beautifully presented special edition 'Line of Kings' Eltham collection Eltham Safety Razor, forged in collaboration with the Royal Armouries.

Celebrating the craftsmanship of royal armours on display in the 'Line of Kings' for over 350 years.
Royal Armouries

Key Razor Features

  • Traditional, Art Deco influenced design featuring octagonal handle & classic scalloped (grooved) design safety bar
  • Offers a 'mild' close shave, minimising nicks and cuts
  • Ideal for regular wet shaving and for shaving sensitive skin
  • 100% stainless steel cap, plate and handle
  • Hand polished to an impeccable mirror finish
  • Optimum weighted to improve the shaving experience
  • Monogrammed detailing at end of handle
  • Laser etched 'Made in Britain' logo on base plate
  • Presented in a luxury 'Line of Kings' gift box
  • Supplied with a single double edge blade
Shaving with a safety razor is very popular once more, as we seek to acquire the closest, smoothest possible wet shave while lowering our carbon footprint

Did you know...

The 'Line of Kings' is one of the world’s oldest visitor attractions. Featuring a parade of historic royal suits of armour, posed upon life sized wooden horses — including armours of King Henry VIII, a resident of Eltham Palace, which is the design inspiration behind the Eltham Razor Collection.

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Technical information

Safety razor weight: 110g (head 37g, handle 73g)
Total razor length: 100mm
Safety razor head width: 43mm
Safety razor head type: Closed comb, scalloped safety bar
Blade gap: 0.65mm (mild)
Razor material: Grade 316 stainless steel (highest grade)

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Royal Armouries Collaboration

The 'Line of Kings' collection features Wilde & Harte 'Eltham' design razors, named after Eltham Palace, the former Royal Residence to a young Henry VIII.

Examples of Henry’s armour are represented in the 'Line of Kings' exhibition.

King Henry VIII of England
Henry VIII Royal Armour

The Finest Craftsmanship

King Henry VIII recruited the most skilful armourers from Germany and Italy for his royal workshops. Henry’s ambition was to set a new standard for armour craftmanship and to create the finest European armour of the 16th century.

Pictured: Henry VIII’s Tonlet armour from 1520. The entire armour is etched with designs, including Tudor roses.

350 years of history

During Henry VIII’s reign, distinguished foreign dignitaries were invited to visit the Tower of London to inspect the royal armoury. However, it was following the restoration of the monarchy in the second half of the 17th century that the ‘Line of Kings’ exhibition as we know it today was first established.

Royal Armouries in the Tower of London

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Stainless steel safety razors are kind to the environment, your skin AND your pocket!

Royal Armouries


National collection of arms and armour dating back to the 16th century.