Razor Honing Pad


Small traditional leather strops designed to sharpen double edge razor blades and Gillette razor cartridges. Sharpening with your honing pad either before or after shaving extends the longevity of blades by up to five times.

Use of a honing pad reduces your demand for razor cartridge and double edge safety razor blades. This, naturally lowers ongoing shaving costs and is of huge benefit to the environment.

Learn how to sharpen your razor.

Handmade in UK from thick vegetable tanned leather, bonded to a sustainably sourced wood base.

Dimensions: 100mm x 45mm x 12mm.

Note: HONING PAD ONLY as purchase does NOT include razor.

Handcrafted for Wilde & Harte by STROPT.

made in Britain

Wilde & Harte are members of the 'Made in Britain' campaign.

An initiative endorsed by the British Government and supported by British manufacturers.