Should I use a safety razor?

An increasing number of wet shavers are now shaving regularly with a traditional double edge safety razor — a shaving method very popular from the early 1900s until the launch of disposable razors and cartridge system razors in the 1970s.

While a 3 or 5 blade cartridge system will offer an acceptable shave, using a traditional double edge safety razor offers so much more than simply being a fashionable way to remove facial hair.

If you want to help prevent shaving irritation, reduce your plastic consumption, minimise your shaving costs, or experience an indulgent luxury shave, you need to ask yourself 'Should I be using a safety razor?'

why I should consider using a safety razor

1. Enjoy the full traditional wet shave experience

  • Using a shaving brush, vigorously work up a creamy lather of scented shaving soap
  • Apply the soap to existing beard growth and shave in the direction of the beard grain (the first pass)
  • Wash off remaining shaving soap and reapply surplus soap, flip the safety razor over and use the second blade to shave ‘across' the grain of the beard (the second pass)
  • Enjoy the results — an extremely smooth, very close and satisfying wet shave, ready for your preferred cologne or soothing aftershave balm

Wish to learn more? We also feature a more detailed review of how to use a safety razor.

2. A safety razor helps prevent razor burn

Shaving with a sharp clean double edge blade is much less likely to clog with beard hair, shave cream and bacteria — the ingredients of mild skin irritation and razor burn. Rinse the safety razor blade regularly during the shave to ensure a clean, smooth outcome.

3. Less likely to encourage other unsightly skin problems

Shaving with a clean double edge blade will help prevent ingrowing beard hairs and restrict the bacterial infections that cause acne.

4. A safety razor yields a very, very low 'cost-per-shave'

Shaving with a double edge blade is very frugal indeed. A few double edge razor blades cost only a few pence to buy, a fraction of the price of a single 3 or 5 blade cartridge.


plastic free shaving

5. Benefit the environment

Wet shaving with a safety razor also has a positive impact upon the environment. Double edge blades (always made from stainless steel) can be manufactured very efficiently compared to engineering the necessary components used to assemble blades in plastic cartridges. Thus, Wilde & Harte stainless steel safety razors are 100% plastic-free!

Note: It is recommended to change your double edge blade after 5-7 shaves.
Double edge safety razor blades are available at leading UK supermarkets and pharmacies. Purchased in packs of 5 or 10.


Which Safety Razor should I Buy?

Wilde and Harte offer a choice of three aesthetically stunning safety razor designs, comprising of optimum weighted hand polished stainless steel handles and rust proof stainless steel heads. Each razor is equipped to offer a very close and comfortable shave over many years, yielding a very enjoyable wet shaving experience. Each safety razor is purchased with a LIFETIME guarantee.


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lifetime guarantee


Purchase your safety razor in confidence with the Wilde & Harte LIFETIME guarantee.

plastic free


Stainless steel safety razors are kind to the environment, your skin AND your pocket!