The beginning


Over drinks at The Wolseley, in London, two friends discuss the chore of shaving with disposable multi-blade razors. A vision is born. Make shaving once more, a luxurious self-indulgent treat.

A brand is conceived. Derived from two drinking establishments in London's bustling West End — The Oscar Wilde bar at the Café Royal, Mayfair and The White Harte in Drury Lane.

Wilde & Harte Branding



During the London 2012 Olympics, Wilde & Harte commission a brand identity. The requirement being understated, quintessential and above all, proudly British.

Various designs are presented before the successful logotype and monogram chosen. A design which still underpins the brand to this day.

Sheffield Steel


Computer-aided design (CAD) files are generated in preparation for the first manufactured batch of stainless steel handles.

Skilled cutlery finishers apply an impeccable mirror finish to the steel surfaces. Wilde & Harte confidently positions itself in the high-end shaving market. 'Made in Britain' at its very best.

designer razor handles
designer razors UK

Inspired by the grandeur of iconic houses and palaces in London


The Apsley, Eltham and Osterley razor collections are welcomed by shaving enthusiasts the world over.

The Eltham Safety Razor is an Art Deco Masterpiece - Bloomberg


The brand attracts press coverage from leading publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek, British GQ and is referenced in many respected Men's Lifestlye Blogs.

Bloomberg Eltham Safety Razor review
using a safety razor

A new world

2020 & beyond

The coronavirus pandemic plunges society into global lockdowns with econonic turmoil restricting growth and development. We adjust to a new way of life.

As we experience more unrest in 2022 we must still believe a better, safer future for us all is on the horizon.


made in Britain


An initiative endorsed by the British Government supporting British manufacturers.



Purchase in confidence with the Wilde & Harte razor guarantee.