Choosing the Right Razor

Gillette system razors:

Commonly known as Gillette cartridge razors, Mach3 and Fusion razors are the most popular razors purchased today. It is understood that half of razors sold globally are Gillette system razors.

Safety razors:

Also known as traditional 'double edge' razors, associated with whipped up scented shaving creams and shaving brushes, safety razors offer the closest, cleanest shave (excellent for exfoliating the skin) and are the eco-consious shaving option (no plastic cartridge). It's easy to understand safety razors are becoming very popular again, even if it just a luxury shave for special occasions.

What does each razor type look like?

Which razor is best for me?

Lifestyle is a key consideration. If you require a minimal fuss, time-efficient regular shave then a Gillette cartridge razor is your answer. Both Mach3 or Fusion cartridge razors offer a good clean, no-frills shave. Fusion cartridges yield a closer shave and have a longer 'shave' life which is reflected in the purchase price.

Should you want the closest, most luxurious wet shave, then consider using a safety razor. Shaving with a safety razor is regarded as 'traditional' shaving, associated with scented shaving creams and lathered up shaving brushes. There has been a huge uptake in the use of safety razors in recent years as we all look towards more sustainable, plastic-free lifestyles and try minimise ongoing shaving costs.

Which razor is best for sensitive skin?

TIP! Regardless of which type of razor you use, to minimise skin irritation and razor burn, you must always rinse your razor blade or cartridge to remove all debris during and after every shave - without fail

Your shaving routine should include lathering up with a quality shaving soap or cream, shaving 'with' the grain and moisturising when finished. This will minimise skin irritation.

However, using a safety razor will result in the closest, cleanest shave and offers a high level of shaving accuracy. With such close blade-to-skin contact, a safety razor is an excellent exfoliator, suggesting that for many, safety razors are the best razors for those with sensitive skin.

Should I use a safety razor?

Well, many of us are! As we know, safety razors are kind to your skin, the environment and your pocket. Learn why it may be time to start shaving with a safety razor.

What is the cost per shave?

Starting with the most cost-effective shave first:

  • Safety razor: Very, very cheap. A pack of 10 double edge blades typically costs only a couple of British pounds (two and a half US dollars) and yields up to 30 shaves per pack of 10.
  • Mach3 cartridge: Cost around £1.50 per cartridge (a couple of US dollars), sold in packs of 4 or 8 with each cartridge exposing three high definition blades to the skin, lasting up to 5 shaves per cartridge.
  • Fusion cartridge: Cost around £2.50 per cartridge (around 3 US dollars), sold in packs of 4 or 8 with each cartridge exposing five nano sharp blades to the skin, lasting up to 8-10 shaves per cartridge.

Note! Replacement Gillette Mach3 cartridges, Gillette Fusion cartridges and packs of double edge razor blades are widely available from supermarkets, pharmacies and shaving websites.

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