Made in Britain

Wilde & Harte Ltd are members of the 'Made in Britain' campaign, an initiative which is endorsed by the British Government, supported by British manufacturers and recognised by global consumers. Furthermore, journalists look to 'Made in Britain' to know who is making what in Britain. Wilde & Harte Ltd have been a member of the initiative since 2013.

The 'Made in Britain' mark is only accredited to a business — such as Wilde & Harte — who can provide evidence that items for sale under the business brand have been manufactured within the UK.

Wish to learn more? Visit or watch the Made in Britain promotional video with the CEO's message.

An independent British brand

Wilde & Harte rely on highly skilled British manufacturers, finishers and artisans to help us present the finest quality razors and leather goods to the high end shaving market.

The manufacturing of our components is accomplished in Sheffield — the city synonymous with stainless steel engineering during the Industrial Revolution — then professionally polished to a bright mirror finish before being sent to London HQ for quality checks and assembly.

Finally, each razor is packaged in a luxury, British made gift box.

In the Press

Below are links to published articles by Wilde & Harte Director Paul Thompson at covering issues such as running an E-commerce store through the global pandemic and why his brand does not participate in 'Black Friday'.

Additionally, in an interview with The Independent, Paul explains the brands commitment to sustainability through the design process, production methods and product delivery.

If ever there was an opportunity to prosper, this is it...

Business in 2020 was tough, but, says Wilde & Harte managing director Paul Thompson, 2021 offers much to be positive about. EVERYBODY is shopping online. From middle-aged men like me, our children and even our parents. We’re all at it... Read more

Is it time to reconsider Black Friday?

Do you take part in Black Friday?
No, we do not take part. Black Friday is an American promotion, backed by American based retailers to kick start the Christmas shopping season just after Thanksgiving. We believe there is no connection between Black Friday and British Christmas shopping traditions... Read more

The Independent

The Brand Rewriting the Grooming Rulebook

Luxury and sustainability are two key attributes for brands right now, and perfectly so. With luxury comes a commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials and a slow, considered investment approach, creating well-designed products, made to last... Read more

Savile Row Style

Best British Made Razors

Writing exclusively for Savile Row Style, wet shaving expert and Wilde & Harte Director Paul Thompson lists the top five wet shaving razors to keep discerning gentlemen immaculately groomed this year.

Wilde & Harte products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards.
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