Apsley Stainless Steel Safety Razor


made in UK and plastic free

Key Razor Features

  • Contemporary design safety razor with smooth, sleek safety bar
  • Offers a 'mild' close shave, minimising nicks and cuts
  • Ideal for regular wet shaving and for shaving sensitive skin
  • 100% stainless steel cap, plate and handle
  • Hand polished to an impeccable mirror finish
  • Optimum weighted to improve the shaving experience
  • Monogrammed detailing at end of handle
  • Laser etched 'Made in Britain' logo on base plate
  • Presented in a luxury gift box

The Apsley Safety Razor features an innovative helix rotation design flowing down the razor handle. This innovative modern design is truly unique to Wilde & Harte.

Shaving with a safety razor is very popular once more, as we seek to acquire the closest, smoothest possible wet shave while lowering our carbon footprint

This stunning, contemporary design razor makes a perfect gift item, or an elegant addition to a daily, or weekend wash bag for oneself.

Note: Razor supplied with a single double edge blade.

safety razor lifetime guarantee

Purchase with confidence.
The safety razor lifetime guarantee.

More about safety razors

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  • How do I use a safety razor?
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how to shave with a safety razor

Above: illustration No. 2 from article shows common direction of beard growth

Technical information

Safety razor weight: 110g (head 37g, handle 73g)
Total razor length: 100mm
Safety razor head width: 43mm
Safety razor head type: Closed comb, smooth safety bar
Blade gap: 0.65mm (mild)
Razor material: Grade 316 stainless steel (highest grade)

Duke of Wellington Battle of Waterloo

Did You Know...

The Apsley Collection

Is named after Apsley House in London. It is the only remaining preserved example of an English aristocratic townhouse from the 18th Century.

Its most famous resident was Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington, a British Prime Minister and army Field Marshal who won and ended the Napoleonic Wars.

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made in Britain


An initiative endorsed by the British Government supporting British manufacturers.

plastic free


Stainless steel safety razors are kind to the environment, your skin AND your pocket!