How to sharpen a safety razor blade

Add an extra 7 or 8 close, comfortable shaves to your safety razor blade simply by keeping a blade sharpening leather honing pad in your wash bag.

As we know, regular use of a safety razor helps prevent razor burn and exfoliates your skin by removing superfluous skin cells, promoting healthy skin.

So, why not extend the longevity, cleanliness and sharpness of your razor blade and at the same time, save a little cash and be even more eco-friendly!


sharpening a safety razor blade

Shave as usual until the blade starts to feel dull. You may experience razor 'tugging' at this point, to alert that the blade has reached the end of it's usefulness.

Follow these steps to sharpen your safety razor blade:

  1. With your blade screwed tightly in the razor head, ensure the blade AND leather is dry.
  2. Position your safety razor at the bottom of the honing pad, tilt razor up to around 35o so blade touches leather.
  3. Push razor up to top of the honing pad, lift and return to bottom (do NOT drag blade back over leather).
  4. Repeat up to 5 times.
  5. Flip the razor 180o and repeat so both edges have been sharpened.
With regular sharpening, we estimate that you will at least triple the usefulness of each of your double edge razor blades
razor blade sharpener

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