48 Hours in Austin – Moments to Remember

The Finer Things

By Peter Brooker, January 2024.


W&H Osterley razor, Tom Ford sunglasses, monogrammed Tateossian bracelet, hip flask, leather gloves from Florence (see selection of, below)

48 hours in Austin the essentials

Where to Stay

Omni Hotel on 8th Street. Down in the lobby they have a breakfast bar that does some of the best smashed avocado on sour bread in town. However, their hot chocolate is overly saccharin and should be avoided at all costs.

smashed avocado on sour bread

Comedy Clubs

The uber driver recommended Rozco's Comedy Club on 7th Street, Joe Rogan's The Mothership on 6th Street and The Velveeta Room also on 6th. I asked a barman down in Coopers Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que Pit off Congress Street if he had ever seen Joe Rogan. He said no, but he served Pierce Brosnan who was sporting a humongous beard at the time.

comedy mothership, Austin, Texas

Over at the Capital

The tours are free and regular. You can walk around at your leisure too. Atop of the dome structure sits a Goddess of Liberty statue. During renovation works in 1920s, construction workers were getting stung by bees that had nested inside the head of the statue. They inserted corks into the nostrils to keep the bees at bay. A story you can impress the tour guide by telling.

Goddess of Liberty statue Austin

There is a homeless crisis 'It's not as bad as San Francisco' said one Uber driver on the way to the airport. 'The homeless don't rob you here in Austin, but they do in San Fran.' Still, I had my head on a swivel walking around 6th Street and I recommend not getting the window seat in any restaurant.

homeless crisis, Austin, Texas

The Bats

CAUTION - NEVER HANDLE GROUNDED BATS, says the sign under the Congress Bridge. They live under during the winter and come out daily during sunset hours.

never handle grounded bats

Keep Austin Weird

They don't want it gentrified. You have signs by drinking establishments that say, ‘Dry January is for Quitters’ and ‘May Your Margaritas Be Strong and Your Resolutions be Weak’. Over at the UT Main Building there are two globe ball features that make for a fun-phallic photo. If you make enough of a donation to the university you can name one of the many turtles housed in the pond opposite.

keep Austin Weird

Up on Mount Bonnell

There was a young man recording a music video. I couldn’t understand the lyrics but good luck to the lad. Takes balls.

up on Mount Bonnell

Where to Drink

In Pete's Dueling Piano Bar they don’t let any of the patrons sing, or play the piano. For some reason they made an exception for me and I played one verse, one chorus of Alright by Supergrass. A birthday treat.

The Beez Kneez

The Beez Kneez

A cocktail bar with yearbook pictures on the wall and plastic vinyl on the couches. You queue for at least ten minutes to use the toilets. Even the men's. But the students talk to you. I watched a tall guy chat up 3 doughy eyed girls. A young blonde in the queue next to me also observed this and over the Blondie track that was pounding above us said ‘He's doing well, but he's wearing a cap because he's bald. So he's just insecure underneath all that bravado."

'Just like the rest of us then,' I replied.

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