Behind the scenes at Wilde & Harte

Bringing the razor and shaving brush Collections to market requires time, expertise and dedication. Our manufacturers output detailed CAD drawings of each razor or shaving brush handle for appraisal by the Wilde & Harte team. It's vital that potential obstacles are negotiated at this stage — such as the challenges of manufacturing the striking and unique asymmetrical design of the Apsley razor (no other razor handle design in the grooming market is similar in aesthetic styling). When designs are signed-off, it's time to move production into the factory.

the Wilde and Harte manufacturing process


Using a premium grade of stainless steel is essential for the machining accuracy of each item and also to ensure the ultra-bright finish of each razor handle when polished.

Further reasons for the choosing premium stainless steel:

  • stainless steel offers the desired 'weight' for each razor or shaving brush, which feels very comfortable in-hand
  • the non-corrosive properties of stainless steel ensure products do not rust in domestic environments
  • stainless steel does not fade over time (unlike for example, chrome or nickel plated products)

When the manufacturing phase is complete, for example, it can take a full eight hour shift to manufacture up to 500 razor handles once a machine is programmed, the items are then ready for the finishing process. Only trained, skilled steel finishers with the necessary polishing machinery can achieve the mirror-like finish on stainless steel items. It can take up to 12 minutes to polish each octagonal Eltham razor handle.

Our Collections demonstrate the very best of contemporary and classic British product design and high-end manufacturing.

The Apsley Collection

This stylishly modern Collection is named after Apsley House, a beautiful Georgian building famed for it’s once iconic address 'Number 1 London’ and became the home of the first Duke of Wellington. Read more . . .

The Eltham Collection

This traditional, Art Deco influenced Collection is named after Eltham Palace, of which the interior is widely regarded as the finest and most exquisite showpieces of 1930’s Art Deco design seen in Britain today. Read more . . .

The Osterley Collection

This understated, minimal influenced contemporary Collection is named after Osterley House - the pinnacle of a spectacular Georgian Estate in rural West London. Read more . . .

made in Britain

Wilde & Harte are members of the 'Made in Britain' campaign.

An initiative endorsed by the British Government and supported by British manufacturers.