Safety Razor Pouches

Wilde & Harte present handmade safety razor cases in black leather or tan leather, offering protection for your stainless steel safety razor when stored in a bathroom cabinet or overnight wash bag.

The dimensions of each leather pouch measures 100mm long by 40mm deep — a perfect fit for your Wilde & Harte safety razor.

leather safety razor pouches
leather razor pouches

These beautifully crafted leather pouches are hand cut and hand stitched using traditional techniques by skilled artisans in the UK. The leather is luxurious and soft.

The leather flap keeps the safety razor in position by tucking under the loop. The end of the flap is embossed with the Wilde & Harte monogram.

black leather pouch for safety razor
leather razor case
Plastic Free Shaving

Plastic Free Shaving

Calling all eco-conscious gentlemen! In times of environmental crisis, it’s incumbent on a gentleman to do his bit for the planet.

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